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Electric Strikes

When ordering from RK SECURITY, please specify voltage. Products are available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

ROFU 1501

RF 1501-01 (8-16VAC) $88.40

RF 1501-05 (12VAC)$101.40

RF 1501-08 (24VAC) $101.40

1-1/4”x 5-7/8”

fail secure

ROFU 1505

RF 1505-01 (8-16VAC) $88.40

RF 1505-05 (12VAC) $101.40

RF 1505-08 (24VAC) $101.40

1-1/4”x 5-7/8”

fail secure

ROFU 1507

RF 1507-01 (8-16VAC) $88.40

RF 1507-05 (12VAC) $101.40

RF 1507-08 (24VAC) $101.40

1-1/8”x 2-3/4”

fail secure

ROFU 1508

RF 1508-01 (8-16VAC) $93.60

RF 1508-05 (12VAC) $106.60

RF 1508-08 (24VAC) $106.60

1-1/8”x 5-7/8”

fail secure

ROFU 1509

RF 1509-01 (8-16VAC) $96.20

RF 1509-05 (12VAC) $109.20

RF 1509-08 (24VAC) $109.20

1-7/16”x 7-15/16”

fail secure

ROFU 1701

Adjustable Keeper

RF 1701 $156.00

1-1/4”x 5-7/8”

fail secure

ROFU 1702

Adjustable Keeper

RF 1702 $165.10

1-1/4”x 4-7/8”

fail secure

ROFU 1703

Adjustable Keeper

RF 1703 $170.30

1-1/4”x 6-7/8”

fail secure

ROFU 1704

Adjustable Keeper

RF 1704 $174.20

1-7/16”x 7-15/16”

fail secure


RF 2400 $195.00

3 Sizes Alum. Face plate

fail secure


1960 fail secure

3960 fail safe

For Rim Exit Device

RF 1960 $494.00

RF 3960 $504.00

1-3/4”x 9-1/2”

Camden Transformers

CM CX-TRP4012 (12VAC Plug-In) $57.20

CM CX-TRP4016 (16VAC Plug-In) $31.20

CM CX-TRP2024 (24VAC Plug-In) $52.00

CM CX-TRN2024 (24VAC Nipple Mount) $46.80

LEE Electric Transformers

LEE transformers are designed to operate the full line of LEE signaling devices and can be used as a replacement parts in existing signaling systems. Hardwired transformers feature solid construction with heavy duty lead and ground wires. Contain fused primaries. UL and CSA approvals. Plug-In transformers offer heavy duty plastic casings and large screw terminals for easy installation. Wide variety of voltages and wattages. Not for use in lighting applications.

LE 592 $30.60 ea.

LE 323M $17.90 ea.

LEE Electric Strikes

LEE offers an extensive line of light duty electric door strikes for new installation or replacement usage. Manufactured for applications ranging from wood or metal doors to iron gates. Available in fail-safe or fail-secure versions Brass (US4) and Chrome (US26D) finishes Heavy-duty brass latches Magnet-coil or High Intensity Solenoid versions Rim, Mortise, Knockout types and ANSI models Numerous AC and DC voltages available.

LE 220 $46.30 ea.

LE 05 $57.00 ea.

LE 02 $81.00 ea.    

LEE Electric Pushbuttons

LEE has a pushbutton for every application. Single or multi-family lighted or unlighted low voltage or line voltage. Many colors including gold, silver, brown and white. Decorator shapes; round or rectangular. Surface mounted or flush mounted. weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use. Plastic or metal.

LE BC200 (1-1/4” Brass Round) $5.20 ea.

LE BC200C (1-1/4” Chrome Round) $6.30 ea.

LE BC205B (5/8” Brass Round) $4.20 ea.

LE BC205C (5/8” Chrome Round) $4.20 ea.

LE BC266B (2-13/16”x 7/8” Rectangle Brass) $6.50 ea.

LE BC266C (2-13/16”x 7/8” Rectangle Chrome) $6.50 ea.

LE BC266LG (2-13/16”x 7/8” Rectangle Brass Lighted) $8.40 ea.

LE BC266LS (2-13/16”x 7/8” Rectangle Chrome Lighted) $8.40 ea.                                                                                   

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