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Commercial Hardware

RK SECURITY is a wholesaler and distributor of commercial hardware in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Browse our inventory today.

Heavy Duty UL Listed Commercial Grade 2 Levers

  • Door Thickness: Adjustable 1 3/8”– 1 7/8” Range

  • Backset: 2 3/4”- Face 1 1/8” x 2 1/4”

  • Cylinder: SC1 Solid Brass “C” Keyway

  • Keying: Schlage 6 Pin Keyed Six KD

  • Key: 2 Six Pin Nickel Plated

  • Trim Design: Specify “L” Eiffel, “P” Pisa

  • Certification: UL listed ANSI A156.2 Grade

RK LSV10 (Passage) – $77.90 ea.

RK LSV40 (Privacy) – $77.90 ea.

RK LSV53 (Entry) – $79.90 ea.

RK LSV70 (Classroom) – $83.90 ea.

RK LSV80 (Storeroom) – $77.90 ea.

RK LSV53IC (Entry IC) – $87.90 ea.

RK LSV70IC (Classroom IC) – $87.90 ea.

RK LSV80IC (Storeroom IC) – $87.90 ea.

*Levers are available with clutch feature

Medium Duty Grade 2 Cylindrical Levers

The GLC Series Cylindrical lever set is ADA compliant and is designed for use on all heavy duty residential and standard medium
duty commercial applications.


  • Door Thickness: Adjustable 1 3/8” - 3/4” Range

  • Backset: 2 3/4”

  • Cylinder: SC1 Solid Brass “C” Keyway

  • Keying: Schlage 5 Pin Keyed

  • Key: 2 Five Pin Nickel Plated

  • Construction: Steel, Zinc Dichromated Resists Corrosion, Heavy Duty Spring Cage Reinforced Lever Return

  • Latch: 1/2” Projection Stainless Steel

  • Bore: 2 1/8” Hole Retrofits All Grade 2 Cylindrical Locksets

  • Strike: ANSI 1 1/4” x 4 7/8” Curve Lip

  • Finish: 626 - Brushed Chrome

    GLC 5110L-626 Passage $33.90 ea.

   GLC 5140L-626 Privacy $34.20 ea.

GLC 5151L-626 Entry $35.90 ea.

        GLC 5180L-626 Storeroom $35.90 ea.


Commercial Grade 2 Cylindrical Knob Sets

The GLA Series cylindrical knob sets are designed for use on all heavy duty residential and standard to heavy duty grade 2 commercial applications.

RK SVB10 (Passage) $43.70 ea.

RK SVB40 (Privacy) $43.70 ea.

RK SVB53 (Entry) $53.50 ea.

RK SVB70 (Classroom) $53.50 ea.

RK SVB80 (Storeroom) $53.50 ea.

Cylindrical Grade 3 Knob Sets With Adjustable Latch

RK ECB10 (Passage) $23.90 ea.

RK ECB40 (Privacy) $23.90 ea.

RK ECB53 (Entry) $31.98 ea.

RK ECB70 (Classroom) $31.98 ea.

RK ECB80 (Storeroom) $31.98 ea.

Heavy Duty Grade 2 Deadbolts

The GLC560 and GLC562 Series auxiliary deadbolt adds style and security to any door. They can be keyed to match any GLA, GLC knobset or GAL commercial lever.

GL C560 (Single Cylinder) $41.50 ea.

GL C562 (Double Cylinder) $55.00 ea.

GL C560ic (Single Cylinder IC) $39.90 ea.

GL C562ic (Double Cylinder IC) $57.50 ea.

Heavy Duty Grade 2 Deadbolts

MX E61 (Single Cyl.) $31.00 ea.

MX E62 (Double Cyl.) $35.98 ea.

Finish: US3 - 26D

Backset: 2-3/8” & 2-3/4”

Solid Brass Keyed Mortise Cylinders

RK M1-26D or 10B (1”) $12.50 ea.

RK M118-26D or US3 (1-1/8”) $12.50 ea.

RK M114-26D or US3 (1-1/4”) $ 12.50 ea.

Keyways: AR1, KW1, SC1, Y1

Thumbturns Mortise Cylinders

RK TT1-26D or 10B (1” Solid Brass) $11.98 ea.

RK TTD1-028 or 10B (1” Zinc Alloy) $6.00 ea.

Dummy Mortise Cylinders 

RK DMD1-028 or 10B (1” Zinc Alloy) $5.00 ea.

Rim Cylinders

The line of rim cylinders is ideal for use on a 1 3/8” (35mm) to 2 1/4” (57mm) door thicknesses. Each Rim Cylinder is machined from solid brass bar stock and is furnished with trim ring, mounting plate and break-off screws.

RK RC-26D or US3 (Solid Brass) $2.50 ea.

RK RCD-028 or 10B (Diecast) $ 7.98 ea.

Keyways: AR1, KW1, SC1, Y1

Key-in-Knob/Deadbolt Combination Cylinder

Knob/Lever Locksets Plus Arrow and Schlage Deadbolts

  • 04 and 26D Finishes

  • Available 5 (drilled 6 Pin) and 6 Pin

  • Screw Cap Retainer

  • Grade 1 and 2 Knob Lock & Lever Locksets

  • Arrow D, E, F, and K Series

  • Schlage B100, B200, B400, and H Series

RK LR1539 $19.60 ea.

Keyways: AR1, KW1, SC1, Y1

Narrow Style Mortise Locks

  • Function: Deadbolt, Hook Bolt,
    Dead Latch

  • Backset: 31/32”, 1 1/8” - TH1102 Available 1 1/2”

  • Hand: Non-Handed, Easily Reversible

  • Face Plate: 1”W x 6 7/8”L - Aluminum

  • Case Dimensions: 7/8”W x 6”L x Depth Specific to Backset

  • Latch Bolt: Deadbolt - 5/8”W x 2 7/8”L x 1 3/8” Throw

  • Latch Bolt: Hook Bolt - 5/8”W x 1 3/8”L x 1 3/16” Throw

  • Latch Bolt: Dead Latch - 1/2”W x 1.0”L x 1/2” Throw

RK NDL118 (Latch 1-1/8”) $25.50 ea.

RK NDL3132 (Latch 31/32”) $25.50 ea.

RK NDB118 (Bolt 1-1/8”) $25.50 ea.

RK NDB3132 (Bolt 31/32”) $25.50 ea.

RK NDH118 (Hook 1-1/8”) $31.90 ea.

RK NDH3132 (Hook 1-1/8”) $31.90 ea.

Lever Handle

  • Lever: Aluminum alloy Cast

  • Heavy duty spring mechanism prevents sagging of lever handle

  • Spindle: Wrought steel, 1/4” square hardened heat treated

  • Hand: Non-handed easily reversible

  • Operation: Turning lever downward will activate dead latch

  • Standard package: Cam plug included, all mounting screws, templates and installation instructions

  • Finish: AL- Aluminum, DU-Duronotic

RK LHC-028 (Alum.) $25.90 ea.

RK LHC-10B (Duro) $25.90 ea.

Push Handle

  • Housing: Zinc alloy, black hard coat finish

  • Operating assembly: Steel mechanism

  • Hand: Non-handed, cam plug included - reversible

  • Standard package: Paddle arm, operating housing, binder posts, cam plug, self-adhesive decals and mounting hardware

  • Finish: AL- Aluminum, DU-Duronotic

RK PP496-028 (Alum.) $51.70 ea.

RK PP496-10B (Duro)$51.70 ea.

Touch Bar Exit Devices

  • MATERIAL: Extruded anodized aluminum push bar,
    stainless steel springs

  • LATCH: Stainless Steel, 3/4” throw - 5/8” dead latch

  • BACKSET: 2 3/4” Covers 161 prep, include latch & strike filler plates

  • STRIKE: Surface mounted for 5/8” stop with shim

  • HANDING: Reversible, non-handed

  • DOOR THICKNESS: 1 3/4” standard

  • DOOR WIDTH: 36”, can be field sized to 30” (48” available)

  • FASTENERS: Furnished with sheet metal and machine screws

  • CYLINDER: Accepts all key trims cylinder

  • DOGGING: 1/2 turn hex key

  • FIRE RATED: Available - please specify

  • FINISHES: Aluminum, Duronotic, and Stainless Steel

RK TH1100EDTBAR (Touch Bar Exit Device) $139.98 ea.

RK TH1100EDSV (Vertical Rod Exit Device) $227.90 ea.

Touch Bar Exit Devices Trims

Entry Lever/SC1 KWY

RK LHL500 $103.70 ea.

Storeroom Lever/SC1 KWY

RK LHL580 $103.70 ea.

Passage Lever

RK LHL510 $91.90 ea.

Entry Ball Knob/SC1 KWY

RK BKL500 $87.16 ea.

Storeroom Ball Knob/SC1 KWY

RK BKL580 $87.16 ea.

RK PP-05 (Pull Plate w/ Cylinder Hole) $21.98 ea.

RK PP-06 (Pull Plate Dummy Trim) $21.98 ea.

Heavy Duty Institutional Door Closer

The TC4300 has all the same design features and specifications as our TC4361 and is our heaviest duty closer for institutional and all other high traffic demanding applications. It has a wide choice of options and installation accessories to accommodate the requirements specified in any industrial or institutional environment. This model comes tri-packed standard and can be ordered with different arm styles for maximum versatility. Fully compliant with opening force requirements for ADA and ANSI/BHMA standards. Meets ADA Requirements.

Grade 1 Certified, ANSI/BHMA A156.4

Options: Specify when ordering

  • Hold open cush - HOA

  • Cush arm - CNS

  • Heavy duty - HD

  • Finish - AL, DU

GL TC4300 $151.90 ea.

Grade 1 Adjustable Door Closer With Backcheck

The TC600 is our most economically priced full cover closer. It is recommended for use on commercial, architectural, and institutional applications. It is ideal for business, new construction and renovations. This model has a full selection of accessories to accommodate the requirement of any field installation. Fully compliant with opening force requirements for ADA and ANSI/BHMA standards. This closer is also available in bright brass and polished chrome finishes to match architectural applications.

Options - Specify when ordering

* Hold open - HO

Note - For hold open parallel arm mount - must order HOPAB-01


  • Grade 1 certified, ANSI/BHMA A156.4

  • UL listed complies with UL10C for positive pressure

  • Aluminum alloy shell

  • Non-handed

  • Full cover - 600 series

  • Multi-size spring models- 611 adjustable power 1- 4

  • ADA barrier free, 612 adjustable power 2- 6

  • Three independent regulating valves -

  • control sweep and latch closing speeds, also backcheck cushion

  • Tri packed- regular, top jamb, parallel arm mount

  • Finish: AL- Aluminum, DU- Duronotic, CH - Polished Chrome

GL TC600 $91.90 ea.

Streamline Door Closers

Also available in spring sizes 2, 3, 4, 5.

Options: Specify when ordering:

* Backcheck - BC

* Parallel mount - PA

* Hold open - HO

* Finish - AL, DU

GL TC2200-2 (Spring Tension #2) $47.98 ea.

GL TC2200-3 (Spring Tension #3) $51.98 ea.

GL TC2200-4 (Spring Tension #4) $53.98 ea.

GL TC2200-5 (Spring Tension #5) $53.98 ea.

Door Closer Spring Tension # 3

“Blow Out Sale”

RK AT53-Alum. $31.98 ea.

Concealed Door Closers

For those who prefer the visual advantages of a concealed door closer, the TC7000 compact design offers an excellent “hidden” solution. Center-pivoted for single and double acting doors. This model is recommended for installation in aluminum door and frame applications. It features multiple spring tension models available to match any door size and weight. Consistent closure speed is assured every time with its temperature-sensitive hydraulic fluid.

Overhead Concealed Closers are sold as BODY ONLY

*Door size 36” to 48”

*Maximum Door Weight 225lbs

*Spring Tension Adjustable

*105 Degree Standard (Specify 90 Degree)

GL TC7010-ADA (Back stop with Hold open at 105 degree) $143.90 ea.

GL TC7011-ADA (Back stop, Non-Hold open) $143.90 ea.

Please Specify: Sold As Components

Arms and pivots sold separately

* Body: Spring tension - ADJ, LT, MED, HD

Swing - 90 degree or 105 degree

Hold open or non-hold open

* Arm Type: SLA, ELA, KRM, Offset

* Pivot Set: OHC, AE, GE, G

Concealed Overhead Door Closers

The TC7700 or “Stout” replaces the original “Kawneer Husky” concealed overhead closer model. This new version features a two-speed closing control to prevent the door from slamming against the stop on single-acting applications. It also prevents over swing on double-acting applications. The TC7700 is an ideal choice for schools, office buildings, hospitals, department stores and any other facilities that demand reliability for interior and exterior doors.

Overhead Concealed Closers are sold as BODY ONLY

Please Specify: Sold As Components

Arms and Pivots sold separately

* Body - Arm assembly - Track - Pivot


* Swing: 90 degree or 105 degree

* Hold open or non-hold open

Replacement Parts:

KTA - Top arm assemblyS2-ARM - Offset arm

S2 Track - Channel for offset armTH1119-BCP - Bottom center pivot

Hinge Kits

HK1 Deluxe Hinge Kits are the ideal choice for multiple application door solutions when existing hardware fails. A quick and easy fix for any compromised opening.

Deluxe hinge kit contains:

  • (2) roto pin hinges

  • (12) one -way screws

  • (4) cover strips

  • (1) Allen wrench for vertical adjustment

  • (2) 1/8” shims for flush door application

  • (1) Instruction sheet


  • For commercial doors up to 500 lbs.

  • Non handed full surface applications

  • Made from high-tensile aluminum alloy

  • Self-lubricating pin rotates on anti-friction bearings

  • Hinges securely fastened with tamper proof screws

  • Vertical adjustment screw

  • Weather resistant

  • Doors easily serviced without removal of hinge pin

  • Lift off

  • Packed and sold in pairs

  • Limited 3-year warranty

  • Finish: AL-Aluminum, DU-Duronotic


Hinge Pin


*Sold as Each

*Finish: US4

GL CP4040-PIN $

Reinforcing Hinge

Handed: LH, RH

Sold as Each

Finish: 26D


SRS File Cabinet Products

SRS 2190 KA or KD $27.00 ea. (for Hon F26)

SRS 2194 KA or KD $27.10 ea. (for Anderson Hickey)

SRS 2190A (Cylinder & Key) $11.98 ea.

SRS 2190E (Sleeve Only) $5.00 ea.

SRS 2185 KA or KD $19.00 ea. (for Hon F28 or Hon F24)

SRS 2162 KA or KD $25.70 ea. (Holga Style)

SRS 2151 KA or KD $18.10 ea. (for Signore)

SRS 2176 KA or KD $17.90 ea. (for Global # LK26 Style)

SRS 2188 KA or KD $23.50 ea. (for Hon Lateral File Cabinets)

SRS 2197 KA or KD $18.50 ea. (for Anderson Hickey not Hon)

T-Handle with Easy Mount Base

SRS 2205 KA or KD $25.70 ea.

Mortise Lock Knob Sets

Compatible with existing door mortise and screw positions. Strengthened knob-trim conjunctions. Rekeyable and Master-keyable solid brass cylinder. Solid brass bolt, polished brass trims or levers.

Backset: 2 1/2” & 2 3/4”

Finish: US3, 26D.

Handing: Handing reversible, LH and RH available.

Keyway: SE1. Different keyways available.

MX 1033A-US3 or 26D $71.98 ea.

(Mortise lock, Knob set, Standard face, Surface mounted)

MX 1033AX-US3 or 26D

(Mortise lock, Knob set, Wide face, Surface mounted)

MX 1033B-US3 or 26D

(Mortise lock, Knob set, Standard face, Thru-bolted)

MX 1033BC-US3 or 26D

(Mortise lock, Knob set, Vestibule, Standard face, Thru-bolted)

Mortise Lock Lever Sets

MX 1033BL-US3

(Mortise lock, Lever set, Standard face, Thru-bolt)

MX 1033BL-26D

(Mortise lock, Lever set, Standard face, Thru-bolt)

Mortise Lock Knob Sets

Double Cylinder

MX 1033D-US3 $75.98 ea.

(Mortise lock, Double cylinder, Standard face, Thru-bolted, US3)

Heavy Duty Mortise Locks

High Grade heavy duty steel case with zinc dichromate finish. Heavy duty forged brass armored front. 1” solid brass extension deadbolt with 2 hardened steel saw-proof inserts. Solid brass inside components.

Backset: 2 3/4 inches.

Front: 1 1/4” x 8”.

Finish: US3, 26D.

Handing: Handing reversible, LH and RH available.

Keyway: SE1, SC1. Different keyways available

MX 1031-US3

(Mortise lock, Knob Set, US3)

MX 1032-26D

(Mortise lock, Knob Set, 26D)

MX 1031A-US3

(Mortise lock, Lever Set, US3)

MX 1032A-26D

(Mortise lock, Lever Set, 26D)

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